The Austin Heat Can Hurt: 4 Tips to Extend Your Car Battery’s Life


Austin’s high temperatures can be bad for your health, but did you know they are even worse for your car battery? According to the Car Care Council, an average battery’s lifespan of 3.5 years can be significantly shortened by a hot climate.

Of course in this economy with gas prices and everything else, it’s important to be cost conscious. Save money on your car battery by taking doing everything you can to extend its life, especially with the weather getting warmer and warmer.

Luckily, as one of the premier auto repair shops in Austin, TX, we here at Chelsie’s Automotive have a few tips to make your car battery go a little bit further:

  1. Keep it clean. Simple but effective. Dirt and other debris on the top of your battery can actually drain its power. Simply taking a damp rag to it when your car off can keep it squeaky clean.
  2. Wrap it up. Consider putting an insulated blanket around your battery. Though it might sound counterintuitive in the warm weather, the plastic sheet will actually help it remain cool in the summer.
  3. Carpool. Obviously, not using your car saves the battery, but even when a car battery is off, it can still drain energy. Consider disconnecting your battery and hopping in the carpool lane for a few days.
  4. Keep the car running. Frequently having to start and stop the car keeps the battery from being able to fully recharge after being shut-off. 

These simple steps can go a long way to make your car battery last longer, saving you time and money. A longer lasting battery is better for your car, your wallet, and your summer!

If you do, by chance, find yourself with a dead battery, Chelsie’s Automotive can help. We’ve got fast and friendly solutions for all your auto repair and maintenance service needs! We’ll do our best to quickly get you back onto that long and winding road, enjoying all that Austin summers have to offer.


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